Israel Facing Growing International Warnings

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Israel is facing new international warnings about its planned attack on Rafah, a city of Palestinian refugees in southern Gaza.While British Prime Minister David Cameron said that “more than half of the population of Gaza is in the region”, Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot said that there may be “more victims”.

Saudi Arabia warned that the attack on Rafah would “have serious consequences”. Hamas leaders in Gaza say there could be “many more victims”. Thousands of people were injured. On Sunday, Hamas warned that such action would lead to ongoing discussions about the possibility of releasing Israeli hostages in Gaza. Israel began operations in the Palestinian region on October 7, with Hamas armed forces killing 1,200 people and taking approximately 240 hostages in southern Israel.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health in Hamas-controlled Gaza said Israeli forces killed another 112 Palestinians on October 7. The previous day, 28,100 people from the entire population were killed and more than 67,500 were injured. Many Gazans had to leave their homes at least once and found themselves in Rafah. Saturday’s warning came a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the army to prepare to evacuate civilians from the city ahead of an attack on Hamas.

“It is not possible to achieve the goals of the war without removing Hamas and leaving the four Hamas camps in Rafah. It is clear that heavy operations in Rafah require civilians to flee the battlefield.” Nyahu’s office said.

The Prime Minister also rejected Hamas’s latest promises. While the USA warned Israel that an attack on Rafah as part of the Gaza attack would be a “catastrophe”, the European Union and the United Nations also warned Israel against this concern.The group says it is impossible to evacuate everyone from Gaza to the Egyptian border town. UN Humanitarian Coordinator Jamie McGoldrick, who recently went to Gaza to assess the situation, told the BBC’s Barbara Platt Usher that people in Rafah would have “nowhere to go” if the Israeli army attacked.

“The declared safe place is no longer safe. If these people have to move, where can they go? We are really worried that the dangerous situation we are in will get worse.” said. Approximately 1.5 million Palestinians are thought to live in Rafah and seek refuge from Israeli wars in other parts of Israel. Gaza Strip. Most live in tents. Mr Cameron said on social media that he was “deeply concerned about the possibility of military action in Rafah”. The struggle to implement programs and release prisoners and then move towards a safe, permanent location. ”
” Many Gaza citizens fled to the south. It is difficult to imagine a large-scale military operation in a densely populated area that does not result in greater loss of life and greater human damage. “This makes no sense,” he added.

Also on Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning against “targeting the town of Rafah, the final destination of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the Gaza Strip who fled due to Israeli aggression.”

The government continues to reiterate its “demand for an immediate ceasefire”.

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