iPhone 17 Slim: The Costliest Yet?

News Desk1 month ago

Under the “Slim” label, a high-end handset with a lighter and slimmer design is suggested, instead of what was initially believed to be a smaller iPhone 17 Plus. Experts anticipate a 6.6-inch screen, an enhanced selfie camera, and a rear-facing camera positioned in the center. It’s possible that the “Plus” model may be dropped, freeing up space for the iPhone 17 series to undergo a dramatic redesign.

This might have the same revolutionary effect on Apple as the iPhone X. The focus on battery life, display size, and innovative design, according to the reports, may cause a stir in the 2024 iPhone lineup.

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However, a slim iPhone 17 Ultra might ditch the rear glass panel for aluminum, potentially impacting wireless charging. Still, Apple might find an alternative solution for MagSafe charging.

A major redesign and significant tech innovations could make the iPhone 17 Slim the priciest option, helping Apple increase the average selling price and mitigate the impact of declining sales.

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