How do you Interact with Others, and What Does it say About your Personality?

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Have you heard of the social style model? Inspired by the work of psychologist Paul Watzlawick, this framework categorizes in a simple manner different types of personalities.

The Social Styles Model

Use the 4 Social styles model to boost your communication effectiveness

Four personality types are categorized by the theory based on two axes that represent our power dynamics and interpersonal relationships, respectively.

Ask, Tell, Task, People

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The tendency to communicate (tell) or not communicate (ask) our feelings to others is how the vertical axis gauges our interpersonal relationships. Those who are more task-oriented are located at the bottom of this axis, while those who we like to refer to as people individuals are at the top.

Show of force

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We are able to locate someone based on their power relationship by using the horizontal axis. People with a more assertive, dominant personality type are on the left. In contrast, people on the right are typically thought of as more obedient and adept at adjusting to different situations.


The Driver

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The first personality type is the Driver, who is task-oriented and power-seeking and is positioned at bottom left.

A natural-born leader

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Focused on action, reliable, punctual and efficient, the driver is a natural leader. But they can also be authoritarian, even aggressive, when things do not progress as they wish.


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