Hafeez Reveals Dark Secrets: Players’ Behavior Left Him Stunned

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After Pakistan’s group-stage elimination from the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024, Hafeez, who held the position from November 2023 to February 2024 and also functioned as the temporary head coach, chastised the national team and emphasized their lack of discipline.

Hafeez asserted during an interview with prominent cricketers Michael Vaughan of England and Adam Gilchrist of Australia that the players used to sleep in the dressing room during Test matches.

“Gilly [Gilchrist], you tell me if a player is dozing off in the locker room while we’re playing Test cricket. In the locker area, four or five athletes are dozing off. Should I, as the team director, permit that? Hafeez asked.

Hafeez, the acting head coach from November 2023 to February 2024, also criticized the national team for their lack of discipline following Pakistan’s elimination from the T20 World Cup 2024 in the group stage.

Hafeez asserted that players used to sleep in the dressing room during Test matches in an interview with well-known cricketers Michael Vaughan of England and Adam Gilchrist of Australia.

“Gilchrist, you tell me if there’s a player sleeping in the dressing room when we’re playing Test cricket.” Four or five players are dozing off in the locker room. As a team director, should I permit that? Hafeez inquired.

“Are they tired?” Vaughan sarcastically inquired. Hafeez said in a somber tone, “I really don’t know.” When I entered the dressing room, I saw four or five players dozing off during a Test match. “How come you guys can do that?” I asked. You are not allowed to be on this squad if you act in this manner.

Then, Muhammad Hafeez emphasized the value of concentration when playing professional cricket, saying he never meddled in players’ personal affairs and that his only concern was for them to maintain concentrate when playing.

“I want you guys to maintain focus both on and off the field. Your life is your own, and I never get involved in it. However, I want you all to concentrate on the game within the professional timings,” he said.

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“Remain in communication. If you are a quick bowler, you can relax and have a nice ice bath, but you still need to focus on your bowling and how the other side is performing. You can’t turn off during a game, but regrettably, it wasn’t well received by the media,” he said.


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