FIR Lodged Against Sarim Burney: Adoption Irregularities Uncovered

News Desk2 weeks ago

The prosecution against human rights activist and philanthropist Sarim Burney was filed in response to a complaint from the American Consulate General. Burney was allegedly engaging in illicit adoption operations.

The FIR states that in July and November of 2023, the US Immigration Team visited Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International to go over the adoption processes.

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The names of two girls, Jannat and Fatima, were changed to Sara and Zahra on guardianship papers, among other inconsistencies that were discovered during the US immigration team’s examination.

The children were first given to the trust by their father on October 26, 2019, according to the FIR. The trust then assisted with the kids’ adoption, however it misled the court by stating the girls had been left abandoned at their gate.

The trust emailed US immigration authorities on January 26 to inform them that the girls’ father had given them over and that he had a document proving their adoption.

The US Immigration team also witnesses the trust’s claim that the children were discovered at their gate, but the Family Court East pointed out that the trust had falsified the information.

According to the investigation, the trust gave the court misleading information in order to deceive it, as did two people by the names of Humair and Basalat.

The adoptive family also contributed $6,000 to the trust for the two girls.

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