Fakhar Zaman Unveils Melbourne Cricket Academy

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Fakhar Zaman Unveils Melbourne Cricket Academy

Pakistani cricket sensation Fakhar Zaman is stepping off the field and into a new venture – his very own cricket academy in Melbourne, Australia. Here’s the scoop on this exciting development:

Following Pakistan’s tour of New Zealand, Zaman made his way to Australia with a vision to establish his own academy, focusing on imparting fundamental cricket skills. He expressed his intention to collaborate with academies in Australia, Dubai, and Pakistan, aiming to contribute to team preparations.

Addressing the media during the launch, Fakhar Zaman emphasized that there is no age restriction for joining the academy. He outlined plans for reciprocal tours between teams from Australia, Dubai, and Pakistan. Currently boasting two academies in Pakistan, with a third in progress, Zaman highlighted ongoing efforts to provide scholarships to aspiring players. Drawing from his own challenges in his cricket career, he expressed a desire to make the journey easier for others.

Notably, Fakhar Zaman had previously established an academy in his hometown, Mardan, a development he shared in 2017 after the Pakistan cricket team’s Champions Trophy victory.

Despite a recent participation in a five-match T20I series in New Zealand, where Pakistan faced a 4-1 defeat, Zaman’s aggressive batting style couldn’t secure a series win for the team. Now, with his cricket academy ventures, Fakhar Zaman is looking to shape the future of cricket development on a broader scale.

Academy Goals

Zaman’s vision for the academy is clear – to nurture budding cricket talent in Melbourne. His focus extends beyond just cricketing skills, aiming to impart crucial values such as discipline, teamwork, and sportsmanship to the aspiring cricketers under his guidance.

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Where and What

While the exact location remains a mystery, whispers suggest a strategically accessible spot in Melbourne. Anticipate top-notch facilities featuring quality pitches, nets, training gear, and potentially indoor practice spaces.

Coaching Lineup

Zaman, drawing from his wealth of experience, is expected to be hands-on in coaching and mentoring the academy’s students. He might also bring on board a seasoned team of coaches and trainers to provide comprehensive support. Programs tailored for different age groups and skill levels are on the cards, catering to beginners and budding professionals alike.

Game-Changing Impact

Zaman’s cricket academy could reshape Melbourne’s cricketing scene, offering a pivotal platform for emerging talent. It has the potential not only to hone skills but also to pave the way for future international cricket stars. Furthermore, it promises to forge stronger ties between the Pakistani and Australian cricket communities.


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