Fake Cop held for Snatching Bags from Female Victims

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The culprit, identified by the police as Nadir Ali, allegedly stole a pocketbook from a woman on Wednesday in the Buffer Zone area while donning a police uniform.

The police claimed to have retrieved from the accused a stolen pocketbook, a police outfit, and a motorcycle bearing a police number plate. In earlier video, a heist by an alleged police officer and his accomplice was caught on camera from a prominent Pakistani burger chain’s bakery.

An apparent police officer is seen robbing a Pakistani burger chain bakery on Karachi’s Tariq Road in the CCTV footage of the event that has surfaced.

In the footage, the accused is seen riding a bike and is dressed in police shoes and pants. He later holds the employees at gunpoint and flees after robbing the cash register.

The guy, who was allegedly involved in other robberies in the city, was later apprehended from Lahore.

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After confessing to his illegal actions in Karachi, Shehryar Ghori, the dacoit, provided startling details during the course of the investigation.

In response to a question concerning his family, the accused stated that he had split up with his wife, that his daughter was enrolled in a Lahore medical college, and that his son was now studying in the United States.

It was discovered that the offender had purchased a gun from Peshawar and had stolen the police outfit in order to get around police checks.

The robber admitted to carrying out over thirty heists at various fast-food restaurants and pharmacies in Karachi.

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