Drug Peddlers Arrested in Karachi

News Desk2 days ago

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Keamari claims that following a purported confrontation, police officers raided the drug den belonging to the Lyari gang war in Karachi’s old Golimar neighborhood and detained three suspects.

In addition, the police party found guns and drugs in the arrested people’s possession.

Three suspects were reportedly taken into custody by police earlier today from various places in Karachi.

The police spokesperson stated that all three of the detained suspects were purportedly in communication with the perpetrators and that they are close accomplices of the people who were directly involved in the firing event.

In the meantime, the police officers used the people’s cell call records and geofencing to start the inquiry.

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It is important to note that on Thursday morning, unknown gunmen opened fire on the brothers’ car close to the Guru Mandir neighborhood of Karachi, resulting in the deaths of at least two brothers and the injuries of two more.

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