Domestic Worker Found Dead in Upscale Karachi Bungalow

News Desk2 weeks ago

The homeowner of the property claims that after going out to lunch, he came home to find that the girl, Maria, had hanged herself from the ceiling fan.

The police raced to the area after receiving information about the occurrence, and they took the body to Jinnah Hospital so that a post-mortem could be performed.

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The police officials revealed that the house owner is a dentist who was outside with his family at the time of the tragedy and cast doubt on the reported suicide during the media conference outside the hospital.

The girl had worked in the same house for the previous year, according to the authorities.

The house owner’s allegation that the girl committed suicide was refuted by the preliminary inquiry and evidence retrieved from the scene, according to the police spokesperson.

The authorities, however, insist that they have opened an investigation into the matter and that the post-mortem report would provide further clarity on the scenario.

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