Crime rate in Peshawar drops by 48%

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To combat street crimes, a special operation has been undertaken throughout the district in accordance with an effective approach.

Six snatchers who were engaged in risky crimes this year have been slain in police interactions. Thursday saw the recovery of five cars, thirty-three motorcycles, and one hundred and thirty cell phones from crimes, according to SSP Operations Kashif Zulfiqar’s report. He said that weapons that were used in crimes had also been taken.

The public is being protected by all available resources, as the police have promised to never compromise on the safety of residents’ lives or property.

The number of street offenses this year has decreased by 48% as compared to last year. 250 offenders have been apprehended as a result of the crackdown, and more than Rs. 13.7 million, 181 cell phones, 38 motorcycles, 12 automobiles, and 6 rickshaws have been found.

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SSP Operations Kashif Zulfiqar has reaffirmed the organization’s dedication to protecting the lives and property of its constituents.

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