Bilawal: PTI Founder Reaps What He Sows

News Desk2 weeks ago

During the PPP’s parliamentary party meeting in Karachi, Bilawal spoke about the nation’s present political climate and said that PTI founder Imran Khan’s current state is a direct outcome of his past deeds. According to the PPP chairman, these problems would persist until democratic ideals are upheld.

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Bilawal discussed the performance of the Sindh government and stated that, given its limited resources, governance needs to be improved. According to him, a key component of the PPP’s Sindh government plan is the provision of solar power.

Every six months, the PPP chairman added, he will assess the performance of the Sindh government and get reports from each minister.

“You have all put in a lot of effort to accomplish these historic victories,” Bilawal informed the PPP lawmakers. Declaring that the PPP is a party of common men, he urged the legislators to continue attending the assemblies and to be present in their respective areas.

Law enforcement organizations have been instructed to take a leading role in the fight against terrorism, according to Bilawal. He expressed optimism that the incoming interior minister would work with all institutions to eliminate the threat of terrorism.

According to ARY News, the PPP chairman had criticized PTI for its “double standards” in regards to comments made about having a conversation with the establishment.

In his statement to the National Assembly, Bilawal claimed that the PTI was only concerned with its own problems, not with the difficulties that the average citizen faces.

He asserted that the PTI is primarily concerned with furthering its own agenda, whereas the PPP supports democracy and seeks to address the issues that the public faces.

He took aim at the PTI, saying that although they were given the opportunity to rule Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, they had fallen short. PTI was chastised by Bilawal for their hypocrisy, claiming that while they talk about democracy, they do not live it.


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