Another Person Falls Prey to Online Deception

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According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department, throughout the next 25 days, there could be three heatwaves in different places across the nation.

The advice cautioned that majority of the country will experience heatwave conditions due to high pressure in the upper atmosphere, with Punjab and Sindh seeing particularly severe heatwave conditions from May 21 to May 27.

In Sindh and Punjab, daytime highs are “likely to remain 4 to 6 degrees centigrade above normal” from May 21 to May 23, and six to eight degrees Celsius from May 23 to May 27.

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After an alleged meeting with the dacoits in the Katcha area, the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) claimed to have retrieved the six-year-old child, identified as Ayaz Pathan.

It is important to note that the dacoits in the Katcha area recently published unsettling video that appeared to show the kidnapped innocent child shackled to a tree.

Authorities claim that the kidnapped child, Ayaz, is a member of a family that moved from Quetta to Sukkur in pursuit of employment possibilities.

The region was outraged and concerned after witnessing the heartbreaking scenario, which caught the children’s calls for aid.

According to police investigations, Yakub and Farid Mirani, two infamous bandits, are the culprits.

The police statement states that the bandits have asked that the father of the child pay them a ransom of Rs 5 million.

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