The Most Unsafe and Secure Locations for Women Traveling Abroad

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The 50 most visited countries were assessed by husband and wife journalists Asher and Lyric Fergusson in an effort to identify which nations are the riskiest for female visitors. The Gender Advocates statistics Hub of Equal Measures 2030 and the 2018 Gallup World Poll were among the sources used to produce the statistics.


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Ukraine’s rating was influenced by gender inequality, the gender wage gap, and street safety. According to Lyric Fergusson, who spoke with Forbes, “Ukrainians do not consider gender-based discrimination in the workplace a serious issue.”


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The US, which is ranked as the most dangerous country in the West, has low rankings for gender disparity, non-partner sexual assault, and street safety. For women in the age range of 20 to 24, homicide ranks as the third most probable cause of death.


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Tunisia, where at least 47% of women experience domestic abuse, is ranked low due to poor street safety, legal discrimination, and gender inequality.


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If a perpetrator of rape in Bahrain gets married to their victim or later marries them, they are shielded from prosecution. The nation’s street safety rating was low, and it ranked fourth worst for legal discrimination against women.


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According to Lyric Fergusson of Forbes, “over half of men believe that women provoke men into being violent toward them,” making Cambodia the third worst country in the world for views regarding violence against women.



In Chile, three out of every four persons have experienced street harassment; women make up 85% of those impacted. According to the survey, 90% of women have encountered some form of harassment, and 40% of women report experiencing it on a regular basis.


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With 92% of women feeling safe when they walk alone at night, Singapore is by far the safest Asian nation on the globe.

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