Young Couple is Getting Viral on Social Media

News Desk2 months ago

A young boy who is just 13 years old stood up for the girl he loved. This news is taking over social media in Pakistan as everyone is shocked. Both of them are class fellows and liked each other. Boy threatened his parents that he may not continue his education if they don’t listen to him.

Parents being helpless Infront of the child agreed and got him engaged to the girl. This Young couple is just 13 and 12 years old. This news is making people angry as well as happy for them. Some say parents are not playing their part properly, they should tell him to focus on his future not the girl.

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Some wish them good luck and pray that may they live happily ever after. Some even say they need to be mature enough to understand what marriage and that education is important for one’s future and career. Most of the social media is angry as they think this young couple is setting wrong standards for the youth. They say social media and Netflix is affecting young brains and that they should be focusing on studies and games, this age is for enjoyment, and they must not waste their childhood in such things.

Either way we wish good luck to the couple as they have a long way to go, and that will definitely be the test of their love.

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