Worst Hollywood Movies of All Time According to IMDB

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The star rating system on IMDb, which lets users rank movies on a scale of 1 to 10, has long been a well-liked feature. Although the method has drawn criticism for a number of issues, it does offer a broad picture of the movies that viewers of the website either love or detest.


Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas (2014) - Rotten Tomatoes

Saving Christmas (2014) is essentially 80 minutes of an irritable Kirk Cameron criticizing Christians for being less tolerant and open-minded than him. It was put together so badly that it hardly passes muster as a film. Cameron believes that the real spirit of Christmas lies not in giving to the needy but rather at the bottom of a steaming hot chocolate mug.

What happened off screen following the release of the movie was far more interesting than anything that was shown on screen. Disappointed with the movie’s 0% reviewer score on Rotten Tomatoes, Cameron begged his Facebook fans to bombard the platform with positive reviews of his foul-smelling stocking stuffer.


Disaster Movie (2008) Poster #5 - Trailer Addict

With 2008’s Disaster Movie, the pair of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who were previously included on our list with Epic Movie, descended even lower. While their dreadful attempts, Meet the Spartans (2008) and Vampires Suck (2010), at least did reasonably well at the box office, this one proved to be a financial disaster for the pair.

It probably didn’t help that Meet the Spartans was released in theaters just seven months later; there was only so much foolishness that the average person could take in a year.


Going Overboard | Apple TV

Adam Sandler portrayed an aspiring stand-up comedian who is hired on a cruise ship in the 1989 film Going Overboard, which came out before he appeared on Saturday Night Live.

Going Overboard is something Sandler hardly ever talks about now that he’s achieved fame and considers a total disgrace. It certainly makes one think when a film is repudiated by the man who claims full credit for horrors like Grown Ups and Little Nicky.


The Emoji Movie (2017) 720p HDRip Watch Online & Free Download - CARTOONERA

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Just than a month has passed since the release of The Emoji Movie, yet it’s already included in IMDb’s Bottom 100. The fact that it debuted so low and quickly suggests that there is a lot of animosity for this film, even though time may ultimately cause it to fall from the list (as is frequently the case with recently released films on both IMDb’s Best and Worst lists).

A film based only on iPhone symbols may seem even more desperate than a film based on a downloaded game software (The Angry Birds Movie) or a trading card series (The Garbage Pail Kids Movie), but Hollywood has never been deterred by such egregious lack of creativity.


House Of The Dead 2 - Movie DVD Scanned Covers - 2078House Of The Dead ...

The director of Alone in the Dark, Uwe Boll, appears twice on this list: once for the dreadful 2003 horror film House of the Dead.

House of the Dead, which is based on the same-titled arcade and video game franchise, follows a group of young adults in their undergraduate years as they go to a distant island for a party. When they get there, they discover that the island has been overrun by zombies, and that their only chance of survival is to blow their way out.


Сын маски музыка из фильма | Son of the Mask Original Motion Picture ...

The Mask, a big smash for Jim Carrey in 1994, was based on the Dark Horse comic book. The project faced a roadblock when Carrey announced he would not be playing Stanley Ipkiss and his whirlwind alter ego in the sequel, even though it seemed inevitable at that point.

Son of the Mask didn’t come out in theaters for eleven years, and in 2005, it was a huge critical and financial failure without Carrey or any lasting fan interest in the franchise.

Jamie Kennedy plays Tim in Son of the Mask, a struggling cartoonist who encounters the identical mask from the previous movie, in lieu of Carrey.

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