Will Madame Web Be Another Box Office Flop?

News Desk2 months ago

Although it was anticipated that Madame Web would brighten up the box office a little this holiday weekend, it is certain to be among the worst-performing superhero films in recent memory due to a lack of competition, bad word-of-mouth (with a fatal C+ Cinema Score), and negative reviews. Bob Marley: One Love appears to be performing significantly better than anticipated, bringing in a whopping $14 million at the Valentine’s Day box office as opposed to Madame Web’s $6 million.

Box office predictions predicted that the Marley movie would be front-loaded, but after excellent word-of-mouth and a much-needed A Cinema Score grade, that may not be the case. This indicates that people enjoy the film a lot, which could lead to an increase in business over the holiday weekend.

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Consequently, we anticipate that Bob Marley: One Love will easily win this weekend’s box office, with an opening weekend of roughly $20 million and a six-day total closer to $40 million. Regarding Madame Web, I believe that the $20 million six-day haul won’t reach $12 million. That would place it significantly behind the first-week gross of $39 million for Morbius and nowhere near the $46 million opening gross for The Marvels, both of which were deemed box office failures. Madame Web appears to be an even bigger failure.

With episodes 4-6 premiering this weekend, the Christian television series The Chosen could easily take third place with a healthy $6 million for the weekend. While Migration might see a slight increase in box office revenue to finish in fifth place with $3.5 million, the year’s other major bomb, Argylle, appears destined for a fourth-place finish with $4 million. Why would a rise to Migration occur? because there is hardly any family-friendly entertainment available this President’s Day weekend.

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