Why Shoaib Malik Suspended From BPL, Is it Match-Fixing?

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Why Shoaib Malik Suspended From BPL, Is it Match-Fixing?

Former Pakistan cricket team captain Shoaib Malik, currently playing for Fortune Barishal in the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), finds himself embroiled in controversy as his contract with the franchise has been abruptly terminated amidst suspicions of match-fixing.

Reports emerging from Bangladesh media allege that Malik’s involvement in match-fixing came to light after he bowled three no-balls in a single over during a crucial match against Khulna Tigers in the ongoing BPL tournament. The suspicious performance, which included conceding 18 runs in just one over, raised eyebrows and prompted an investigation into the matter.

Fortune Barishal, the franchise Malik was representing, faced a significant defeat against Khulna Tigers, losing the match by 8 wickets. Malik, who was slated to miss upcoming matches due to personal reasons, saw his contract terminated following the match-fixing suspicions.

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In a surprising turn of events, Fortune Barishal swiftly announced Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad as Malik’s replacement for the remainder of the tournament, further fuelling speculations surrounding Malik’s alleged involvement in illicit activities.

While Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) Fortune Barishal denied claims of match-fixing involving Shoaib Malik, stating them to be baseless, the abrupt termination of Malik’s contract has raised questions about the integrity of the tournament and the measures in place to combat corruption in cricket.

Shoaib Malik’s Statement

Shoaib Malik, however, took to social media to address the allegations, vehemently denying any involvement in match-fixing. Through a post on his X account, Malik refuted the rumors and clarified that his departure from Bangladesh was due to prior commitments, including a media engagement in Dubai.

Expressing his support for Fortune Barishal and wishing them success in their future matches, Malik cautioned against the spread of false information and emphasized the importance of verifying facts before drawing conclusions. He urged fans and followers to rely on credible sources and exercise diligence to avoid the propagation of baseless rumors.

As the cricketing world awaits further developments in this unfolding saga, the incident casts a shadow over the BPL and reignites discussions about the perennial issue of match-fixing in cricket, underscoring the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in safeguarding the integrity of the sport.

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Franchise Owners’ Statement

Speaking on behalf of Fortune Barishal, a spokesperson emphasized that the reports regarding Malik’s involvement in match-fixing were unfounded. The team owner, Mizanur Rehman, shared similar sentiments, praising Malik’s contributions to the team and attributing his departure to personal reasons.

Recently Malik Created History During BPL Match

Shoaib Malik made his debut appearance for Fortune Barishal in the opening match of the BPL 2024 season against Rangpur Riders. With a remarkable tally of 12,993 runs in T20 cricket under his belt prior to the match, the seasoned cricketer was merely seven runs shy of achieving the significant milestone of 13,000 runs in T20 cricket.

Hailing from Sialkot, Malik showcased his prowess on the field by contributing 17 runs to Fortune Barishal’s total against the Riders, thus cementing his position as only the second player, following in the footsteps of Chris Gayle, to surpass the 13,000-run mark in T20 cricket. In an interview following the match, Malik expressed his aspiration to excel further in T20 cricket, aiming to establish himself as one of the premier players in the format.

Despite his impressive achievements, Malik conveyed his determination to continue playing and dismissed any speculation about retirement, setting his sights on surpassing Chris Gayle’s record for the highest run tally in T20s. With unwavering determination, Malik remains steadfast in his pursuit of greatness within the realm of T20 cricket.


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