Weekly Inflation Sees Minor Increase

News Desk4 days ago

The prices of 14 key products have climbed over the last week, according to statistics recently issued by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), which shows that the annual rate of weekly inflation has grown by 21.40 percent.

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Significant increases have been seen in onions at Rs 3.51 per kg and tomatoes at Rs 6.63 per kg. The cost per kilogram of dal mash has increased by Rs 10.92 to Rs 556.67.

Furthermore, there have been price rises of Rs 2.73 and Rs 2.56 per kg for chana dal and curd, respectively.

However, the survey also notes a drop in the cost of 14 other commodities. A 200-gram packet of red chile has dropped in price by Rs 20.92, and a dozen eggs has gotten cheaper by Rs 15.77.

This week, the cost of household LPG cylinders has decreased by Rs 150.69.

In the meantime, a 20 kg bag of flour is now Rs 34.33 less expensive, and the price of garlic has dropped by Rs 20.47 per kg. Pulses, moong, sugar, poultry, and dal have all seen price reductions.

For the previous 23 weeks, the costs of necessities have not changed, according to the Bureau of Statistics.


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