Wahab Seeks Special Funding for Karachi

News Desk3 weeks ago

Speaking with a private news channel, he underlined the importance of finishing the city’s previously announced projects, which have been delayed.

He claimed that the public was greatly inconvenienced by the Green Line project, which is still unfinished ten years later.

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Through its two ports, Karachi provides between 60 and 65 percent of the federal revenue, according to Wahab.

He expressed hope that Karachi, as Pakistan’s economic hub, will receive a special budget package from the federal government.

Speaking about street crimes in Karachi, he gave the assurance that there would be no room for carelessness.

He said that although things had greatly improved from before, additional work needed to be done to increase security even further.

He claimed that because to terrorism, extortion, and kidnappings, Karachi was regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous cities during the MQM era.

He claimed that rather than focusing on political point-scoring, the present administration was committed to finding workable solutions to the city’s issues.

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