Ushna Shah: ‘Never wait for a guy if ‘

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Actor Ushna Shah recently gave “girl advice” to all the young women in relationships who are waiting for their partner to be ready for marriage during a podcast interview with a digital magazine. “A lot of girls squander their time,” she started.

Shah went on, “A guy will marry you if he wants to marry you or if he is going to marry you. That is all. There’s not an if or a but.

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Women need to recognise that, unlike men, we have biological clocks that tick. I know I probably discovered this rather late in life, but thank God I did. Still, please take advice from other women. The “Habs” actor said, “I’m not saying you should rush into a marriage or lose focus on your career; I’m just saying don’t let a guy waste your time.” “Never put off getting married for a guy; instead, put it off for the benefit of your parents, profession, or perhaps yourself if you have to. Don’t let a guy make you look foolish if he is doing that.

“One more thing, ladies: after a breakup, avoid sending a man paragraphs.” The best course of action is to leave a guy’s life if he is mistreating you, breaking your heart, or cheating on you. She advised, “Just vanish, as if you were never in his life. Don’t even confront him.”

Shah said, “Stop wasting your years, time, emotions, and mental health on other people,” as her parting advise. There is no one worth it.

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