Top Must-Try Sushi Places in Islamabad

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Here are the top 5 places in Islamabad to try sushi.

1. Suki Sushi

There are now two Suki Sushi locations in Islamabad: one in the Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad and the other in F-10 Markaz. Since 2002, Islamabadis have been able to enjoy real Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine at this restaurant. In pace with the times, they also provide automobile dine-in. They also provide delivery, takeaway, and outdoor dining.

The restaurant is famous for serving delicious and authentic Asian Food along with a radiant ambiance. Among the many sushi dishes, Rainbow Maki and California Maki are a must-try. The traditional sushi roll is made with fresh tuna that encloses sushi rice and dried seaweed. The friendly and inviting staff along with the exquisite menu makes it hard to resist this place. They are always seeking new innovative ways to improve the customer experience.

2. Gai’a Restaurant

Gai’a Restaurant, which serves authentic Japanese cuisine, is located in F-6 and offers gourmet dining. Soups, salads, appetizers, steaks, sushi, noodles, munchies, and desserts are all included in their large menu. This restaurant offers you a great experience with its cozy atmosphere and kind staff that attends to all of your needs. The skilled cooks ensure that the finest ingredients and methods are used to prepare the food.

The Sushi menu has more than 10 options providing equally good and authentic sushi rolls. Among the varied options, Crunchy Maki and Gai’a Maki are popular sushi rolls. Crunchy Maki is much raved about because of its delicious taste and fulfilling features. It is topped with tempura flakes that give a crunch to the roll and the prawn tempura encompasses sushi rice, cucumber, and avocado. These dishes not only taste good but are visually appealing and inviting.

3. KOI

A Japanese eatery called KOI may be found in Islamabad near E-7 Markaz. With a striking interior arrangement and decor, they provide both indoor and outdoor dining options. The restaurant does not, regrettably, offer delivery services; takeaway is available.

Among the enticing Sushi-Maki options, the California Maki is popular and highly recommended. This is an inside-out version of the sushi roll in which rice forms the outside of the roll. The Special Maki dish offers a unique flavor with a filling of cucumber, crab, and tobiko. The tobiko filling adds a crunchy texture to the sushi roll making it a healthy and appetizing meal.  Thus, the taste and ambiance offered by the place are sure to win your heart.

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One of Islamabad’s top sushi restaurants is SOHO, a pan-Asian eatery. The eatery serves delectable, genuine Asian flavors and fragrances. The four main categories of SOHO’s incredibly diverse menu are noodles, sushi, beef, and chicken.

Among the other Sushi-Maki dishes, the Spicy Salmon Maki stands out the most with its excellent taste. The sushi roll consists of salmon and cucumber rolled up with sushi rice and served with soy sauce. If you’re new to sushi then try SOHO for you won’t be disappointed with the rich sushi experience they offer.

5. Chop Chop Wok

In Pakistan, Chop Chop Wok has four locations, one of which is located in F-6 Markaz, Islamabad. They provide real Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The cuisine is so amazing that it will satisfy your cravings. You will fall in love with this location because of the delicious food and the cozy, welcoming atmosphere. There are many various types of sushi rolls on the menu, and they are all quite delicious.

Try out their popular Crunchy Dragon Maki Roll which is filled with twice the normal amount of prawn along with tempura crunch and tobiko. These add a crunchy feature to the ordinary sushi roll. The flavor and spice are balanced out with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce. All in all Chop Chop Wok has the yummiest food and the perfect atmosphere.

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