The Sindh government has imported urea fertilizers amounting to Rs4.5 billion.

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The Sindh government has imported urea fertilizers amounting to Rs4.5 billion.

In a strategic move directed by the Sindh Agriculture Department, the Sindh caretaker government has chosen to import 52,800 metric tonnes of urea at a cost of approximately Rs4.5 billion for the ongoing Rabi crop season 2023-24.

This decision was made during a recent cabinet meeting due to the federal government’s directive requiring Sindh to cover 100% of the import expenses for urea this time.

Sindh Agriculture Secretary Syed Aijaz Ali Shah mentioned that despite the financial burden, the decision is necessary to address the severe shortage of urea in the province.

The cabinet’s decision is expected to have positive repercussions, and advisory committees at the provincial and district levels have been formed to monitor and control issues such as price hikes and hoarding.

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Sindh, contributing 25% to the total local production of urea, is facing challenges exacerbated by factors like fertiliser smuggling and gas shortages. Shah emphasized the need to increase Sindh’s quota to 40% to meet the demand for the Rabi season.

The federal government has also directed the Sindh government to ensure payment for imported urea worth Rs6.5 billion from last year, creating additional complexities.

Growers and their representative bodies have welcomed the cabinet decision, considering it a crucial step in alleviating the agricultural crisis.

They urge the Sindh government to ensure the fair and timely distribution of imported urea to benefit farmers and prevent further damage to crops. However, concerns persist regarding the effective control of the crisis and the potential impact on food security if wheat sowing proceeds without adequate fertilizer applications.

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