The Lawyer of Maria Murder Case “Cannot Represent Beasts,”

News Desk2 weeks ago

Details state that the murder case of Maria, 22, was heard at a Toba Tek Singh local court. Faisal, the primary accused, and his father were brought before the court.

The magistrate granted a four-day remand of the accused in the case, despite the police’s request for a fourteen-day remand during the hearing.

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The attorney for Maria’s older brother, Kamran Zafar, a trial witness, declared that he would no longer be representing Maria in the case.

Lawyer Kamran Zafar said Shahbaz and his wife were misleading, and he could not represent such “beasts” before the court.

Maria’s family, meanwhile, claimed that the lawyer chose to assist the police after accepting Rs 400,000.

The police spokesman claimed that Maria, 22, was murdered in Toba Tek Singh over honor by his father and brother.

The girl was murdered on March 17 and 18 around midnight. The woman was killed, and her family members secretly buried her.

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