The Final Tracks of Legendary Artists

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Do you ever consider the last song your favourite musicians ever made before they departed from this life? Or the final song a legendary band recorded before they broke up?

Let’s explore the last recordings these well-known musicians ever made by looking back into music history.

Jimi Hendrix – ‘Belly Button Window’

Belly button window....cover by Jimi Hendrix - YouTube

“Belly Button Window,” a country blues song from Hendrix’s final studio album, is about the months before delivery, picturing what it would be like for a developing foetus to watch his parents from the perspective of a “Belly Button Window.”

Led Zeppelin – “I’m Gonna Crawl”

Im Gonna Crawl Chords - Led Zeppelin | GOTABS.COM

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“I’m Gonna Crawl” is the final Led Zeppelin song recorded in the studio, and it was the last track on the album “In Through the Out Door.”

The Beatles – “Because”


– Although other “Abbey Road” and “Let it Be” tracks would subsequently receive overdubs and edits, “Because” was the final song that the Beatles recorded as a foursome.

John Lennon – “Walking on Thin Ice”

How John Lennon's Final Solo Sparked 'Walking on Thin Ice'

Lennon’s final recorded work was not on one of his own tunes, but on his wife Yoko Ono’s new-wavey single, “Walking on Thin Ice.”

George Harrison – “Horse to the Water”

George Harrison - Horse To The Water // Subtitulado en ESP - YouTube

George Harrison’s final recording was the song “Horse to the Water,” which he wrote with his son Dhani Harrison and was released on Jools Holland’s album “Small World, Big Band.”

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