Tarar Issues Veiled Threat to KP Chief Minister

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Speaking to a press conference in Islamabad, the minister asserted that he could transport 1000 people to the grid station if the chief minister could only transport 100.

According to Att Tarar, the provinces and the center should work together, showing mutual respect and cooperation, to find a solution to the electrical and line loss problems.

We also include Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in our nation. To help the people, we must all get on the same page. By resolving the problems of electricity theft and line losses, the nation can advance,” he continued.

According to Attaullah Tarar, some individuals spend the night before Eid at entertainment venues, while others visit the grid station. The minister went on, “We are not the ones who burned the bills.”

After Ali Amin Gandapur arrived and turned on a grid station in Dera Ismail Khan, tensions between the center and Khyber Pakhunkhwa escalated, coinciding with Atta Tarar’s comments.

According to a post on the official X account of the Kyhber Pakhtunkhwa government, “No area would suffer power outages for more than 12 hours now.”

The minister stated during a press conference that the Chinese delegation’s travel to Pakistan is evidence of the mutual trust between the two nations.

He stated that in order to take part in the third meeting of the Pakistan-China Joint Consultative Mechanism (JCM), a high-level Chinese delegation will be in Pakistan starting on Thursday.

In addition, he pleaded with all political parties to greet the group in a way that embodies the model relationship between the two nations.

Speaking of the Prime Minister’s most recent trip to China, the Minister said that the progress of CPEC projects and the friendship between Pakistan and China were topics of conversation.

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He described the connection between Pakistan and China as going beyond politics and praised China’s pledge to advance CPEC during the Prime Minister’s visit.

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