Sunny Deol Faces Fraud Allegations

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Actor Sunny Deol is facing accusations from producer Sourav Gupta of forgery and dishonesty.

He claimed to have given Sunny a signing bonus of Rs 1 crore. But rather than start shooting his movie, Sunny chose to participate in “Poster Boys.”

Sunny Deol, the actor, has been accused of cheating and fraud by film producer Sourav Gupta.

Owner of Sundwan Entertainment Pvt Ltd, Gupta, claimed that star Sunny had defrauded him of a substantial sum of money.

The real estate developer claims that in 2016, he approached Deol about doing a film and even gave him advance money.

Speaking with, Gupta revealed that Sunny Deol continued putting off the movie and even accepted payment for it, but it was never released.

“We paid Rs 1 crore to him as a signing amount. Instead of starting our film, he chose to work on Poster Boys (2017). I paid him more than Rs 2.55 crore and even changed the script and director on his persistence.

We even booked studios to begin shooting, but all in vain. We have been cheated by him and his team,” he said.

Further, Gupta also added that last year, Deol even forged an agreement as a means to siphon more money. “We had decided on Rs 4 crore as the signing amount but when we saw the agreement, we saw that it read Rs 8 crore.

We even issued him a notice, but according to his team, he wasn’t in the nation,” he continued.

After the whole ordeal, the producer revealed that his only hope is to receive justice. “I am an outsider who entered the industry to produce films and create jobs.” But I was duped, and I have no idea how this will finish. My hard-earned money has been stolen by a wealthy man.

Naturally, I have no intention of working with him; all I want is justice. “I want my money back,” Sourav said to us.

He broke down in the chat and revealed that Sunny Deol is an MP in addition to being a well-known actor.

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“When I went ahead to file a complaint, no was ready to believe it. No one is ready to support us,” he said.

We tried to reach out to Sunny Deol’s team but received no response.

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