‘Some people have 10 million followers but…’: Humayun Saeed

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During ARY Digital’s Ramadan special transmission “Shan e Suhoor,” seasoned actor Humayun Saeed had an intimate conversation with anchor Nida Yasir in which he opened up about his personal life, work, success, and criticism.

Speaking out against the gender-neutral culture of age-related criticism prevalent in our nation, Saeed remarked, “Insecurity is more common in Pakistan. Our perspective has evolved. Every successful person is seen negatively by everyone.

“Secondly, all disagreements originate from those who are beneath you,” he went on. Do they say such things if they are superior to you? A more accomplished person won’t be critical of you. It will originate from a subordinate of yours.

Rather, assume that something is wrong with you if you don’t obtain this kind of feedback. You’re not doing well at work, Saeed said rather bluntly.

In response to the question of whether he is harmed by trolls making fun of his age, the “London Nahi Jaunga” actor said, “They will say it, why not? They must be wondering when he would give up.

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“I will know that my time is over or that I am not doing the right kind of work when they stop purchasing my tickets.” Even if they spend money on my films, they are the ones who come to see them the most, despite their chatter. They will continue to argue indefinitely, even if there are a hundred comments, two of which ask why the man is emerging as a hero. They’ll continue to say this for the next 10 films, as they have from my first movie, he clarified.

Saeed continued, slyly mocking young celebrities who have millions of fans on social media: “Some people might have 10 million followers, but even one lac of them don’t show up when their films release.” Why not?

“Those followers are either not those sorts of fans or they are false (I’m not talking about bought followers). True fans are not the same as social media fans; the latter are people who like you and make purchases. The true admirers are them. He said, “They may not approach you on the internet, but they will purchase a ticket and visit the theater to see your movie.


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