Six Industry Experts Appointed to Lead FBR’s Digitalisation Initiative

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A notification states that the six-person team will be led by BPS-20 officer Muhammad Khalid Jamil in the capacity of project director/convener.

Usman Kokab, the Karandaz Focal Person, Bushra Jaffar, Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Arshad Nawaz Chheena, and Zain-ul-Abidin Sahi (IRS/BS-20) make up the management team.
The committee was established in accordance with the Tax System Digitalization Agreement between FBR and Karandaaz Pakistan.

The project management team will be in charge of directing and managing the project’s implementation and execution. They will also collaborate closely with all stakeholders to ensure that the project is coordinated from start to finish.

According to the notification, the team will make sure that deadlines, deliverables, and quality standards are met.

Karandaaz Pakistan and the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) signed a deal earlier in March to digitize the tax system.
The Prime Minister’s goal of turning the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) into a Digital Tax Administration is reflected in the agreement that was signed.

FBR and Karandaaz will work together to create a complete digital strategy that will enable FBR’s digital transformation, as well as the execution of its digitalization projects.

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Under this agreement, Karandaaz Pakistan will assist FBR in assessment of the business needs, existing IT infrastructure and systems, and business processes to establish the context and scope for digitalising the tax system of Pakistan using service oriented and tax payer centric use cases.

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