Shehbaz Slams PTI Founder’s ‘Anti-National’ Stance in IMF Correspondence

News Desk1 month ago

As he arrived at Parliament House on Thursday morning for the first-ever National Assembly session, he said, “This letter is another proof of the PTI founder’s anti-state interests, after the cipher.”

Shehbaz went on to say that the PTI founder’s desire for the nation’s annihilation should now be obvious. He was sorry and denounced the letter to the IMF.

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He declared, “No Pakistani will turn to anti-national activities, despite political differences.”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was reportedly requested to take the nation’s political stability into consideration in any future bailout negotiations earlier on Wednesday, according to reports.

PTI has issued a letter outlining its position to the IMF, according to international news agency Reuters. Two senior party insiders added that more information would be released at a later time.

Following Khan’s aides’ announcement last week that they would push the lender to demand an impartial audit of Pakistan’s contentious elections on February 8 before holding more discussions with Islamabad, the IMF refrained from commenting on the political climate in the nation.

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