Say No to Lock Screen Spam: WhatsApp’s Solution

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In many regions of the world, WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app for daily use. Since phone numbers and accounts are connected, anyone with your number can message you on the app, which makes it rather simple for dishonest people to get in touch with you directly.

To its credit, when users get messages from unknown numbers on WhatsApp, the app now shows a warning notice directly below the sender’s contact details. For these types of talks, a noticeable “Block” button is also included in addition to the “Add to contacts” button. To tap the message or, at the absolute least, remove the sender from their chat list, users must first access the chat.

Through its official account, WhatsApp recently announced a new feature that lets users reject messages from unknown contacts right from the lock screen.

The firm clarified in a short video that customers can expand the quick actions on their lock screen and choose the “Block” option adjacent to the “Reply” button if a message shows signs of phishing efforts, Ponzi schemes, or other scams. There might be an additional prompt from WhatsApp to report the contact.

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To confirm the action in the pop-up window, users can tap the checkbox for the “Report contact” option and then select “Block.” The sender’s last five messages will be shared with WhatsApp in an effort to improve the efficacy of the automated spam protection system.

This contact-blocking feature may be accessed in the notification shade in addition to the lock screen. In any event, blocking undesired messages can save users the trouble of launching the app and then the chat window. The feature should already be on users’ handsets and is currently being broadly rolled out.

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