Sarfarosh 2: Aamir Khan Breaks Silence on his Upcoming Project

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Speaking at a special screening of Sarfarosh to celebrate its 25 years, Khan said that he was committed to making a sequel to the 1999 movie directed by John Matthew Matthan, an Indian media outlet reported on Friday.

“I can commit about one thing: We will definitely give it a really serious shot now of coming up with the right script for it. So John you will have to get to work here,” said Amir Khan. “Sarfarosh 2 should be made, even I feel that.”

It is pertinent to mention that Sonali Bendre and Naseeruddin Shah acted alongside Khan in the movie and were also present at the special screening ceremony along with Matthan.

The Sarfarosh filmmaker stated in an interview with an Indian media outlet that he intended to return with Sarfarosh 2.

“Aamir is a motivated person. Although I intend to produce it as well, how can others appreciate your film if you are not enjoying it yourself? Only you have the freedom and decision to do it. Furthermore, I haven’t enjoyed many scripts,” he continued.

Finding the ideal tale for Aamir Khan was crucial, according to Matthan, who said he wouldn’t be able to work on the project unless he had one.

Because his role, ACP Ajay Singh Rathore, would be the Director General of Police, and at that level, people don’t leave their offices and go into the field, it is pretty challenging. Thus, I need to speak with the police and figure out a way to force him to leave his office and start fighting. Recognize the extent of my freedom in his function. But Aamir will be a part of it when I make it. He’s quite eager,” he continued.


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