Report Reveals Resurgence of Target Killings in Karachi

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Following the revelation of an increasing number of target killings in Karachi that were concealed as street crimes, the authorities assigned Ghulam Nabi Memon, the Inspector General (IG) of the Sindh police, the responsibility of looking into the cases of 65 people who were purportedly killed in Karachi while thwarting a robbery attempt.

Zia Ul Hassan Lanjar, Sindh’s interior minister, said that eighteen individuals were killed in a targeted attack in Karachi that was passed off as a regular street crime.

The Sindh Interior Minister stated that this concerning finding indicates a calculated attempt to undermine Karachi’s calm under the pretext of sporadic street crimes in the city.

He added that, in spite of these occurrences, Karachi’s total crime rate is still lower than Punjab’s.

There has been some progress in the fight against street crime, as seen by the large number of criminal gangs that the police have successfully arrested, which has increased municipal security.

In an effort to preserve and restore peace in Karachi, the police and other law enforcement agencies are stepping up their efforts to combat both targeted killings and street crimes.

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The head of a 30-person robbery group in Karachi is said to have been apprehended by Garden area police earlier this month.

In a statement, Arif Aziz, the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) for the city of Karachi, stated that Faisal, the arrested ringleader, is in charge of a 30-person pickpocket and robbery gang in Karachi.

The accused allegedly changed the IMEI numbers of cell phones that were taken and stolen, then sold them to an Afghan dealer who smuggled the phones into Afghanistan and Balochistan, according to the SSP.

The other accomplice, Arsalan, has already been taken into custody by the police party. The arrested accused and his crew have robbed numerous people and sold thousands of mobile phones to the dealer.

The police claimed to have recovered a pistol and a stolen cellphone from the possession of the accused criminal.

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