Reality of Honda and Sony’s Electric Vehicle Driven by PS5

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Reality of Honda and Sony's Electric Vehicle Driven by PS5

It’s important to clarify that while Sony and Honda showcased a new electric concept car called the Aleefa EV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2023, the ability to drive it with a PS5 controller was purely a demonstration, not a feature intended for actual road use.

Here’s a breakdown of the situation:

The Aleefa EV

This futuristic prototype developed by Sony Honda Mobility features a spacious, panoramic interior and advanced entertainment systems. It aims to redefine the relationship between people and mobility.

The PS5 Controller Demonstration: During the CES presentation, Sony Honda Mobility president Izumi Kawanishi surprised the audience by using a PS5 controller to remotely move the car (without anyone inside) in a controlled environment. This was meant to showcase the potential of future human-machine interfaces and autonomous driving technology.

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Driving in Real Life using a PS5 Controller

Currently, there are no plans for production models of the Aleefa EV to be controllable by a PS5 controller. Driving on public roads requires following safety regulations and legal standards, which wouldn’t be compatible with such a control scheme.

So, while it’s exciting to imagine cruising down the street with a PlayStation controller, it’s important to remember that this was just a glimpse into future possibilities, not a reality today. Sony Honda Mobility is still focusing on developing autonomous driving technology and creating comfortable, immersive experiences for passengers in their future vehicles.

Reality of PS5 Driving Feature

The chairperson of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, has expressed the possibility of launching an electric vehicle joint venture with Honda as a separate, independent company, with potential plans for a future stock market offering.

Both Japanese companies had initially disclosed their intentions in March to collaborate on a joint venture for the “development and sales of high value-added battery electric vehicles.” In a recent interview with Nikkei Asia, Yoshida revealed that both companies now concur that the new entity should operate independently rather than being placed under the umbrella of Sony or Honda. Yoshida added that the prospect of an initial public offering (IPO) or selling a stake to other companies is being considered.

Although the joint venture has not been officially finalized, and no commencement date has been specified, it is anticipated that the new firm could commence electric vehicle production by the middle of the decade if it proceeds.

The Collaboration

Under the collaborative venture, Honda would leverage its decades of car-making experience for the development and assembly of vehicles, while Sony would be responsible for designing and producing intricate electronics, including infotainment systems, cameras, and self-driving technology.

The implications of the Honda-Sony joint venture on Sony’s prior plans to manufacture its own cars, as announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, remain uncertain. Yoshida had previously mentioned Sony’s exploration of setting up a car-making division in 2022, named Sony Mobility Inc., raising suspicions that Sony might rely on a contract manufacturer, potentially Austrian firm Magna Steyr, for production.

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Motive Behind the Aleefa EV

Honda, despite its commitment to launching 30 new electric vehicles globally by 2030, currently has only one electric car, the Honda e, available for sale. Joint ventures, including one with General Motors, play a vital role in Honda’s goal to have 40% of its European sales as electric and fuel-cell vehicles by 2030, with a further aim of phasing out internal combustion engines entirely by 2040.

The role of vehicles produced as part of the Honda-Sony joint venture in Honda’s long-term EV plans is yet to be clarified. However, given the advanced development of Sony’s two Vision-S concepts, they are seen as strong candidates for the potential new company’s initial cars.

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