Rahul Gandhi’s surge dims Modi’s Momentum

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The scion of India’s legendary Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty, he revitalized his own image and gave his Congress party a boost of energy by starting two cross-country marches against what he dubbed Modi’s policies of hate and fear.

With Gandhi at its core, Congress will have the biggest voice in a far more formidable opposition, even if it may have to serve out another term out of office.

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Gandhi, the most well-known member of the opposition, has come under fire from BJP leaders like Modi, who frequently refer to him as “the prince.”

Prime Ministers have included Rahul Gandhi’s father, grandmother, and great-grandfather.
Throughout the campaign, Gandhi—whose party is run by family loyalist Mallikarjun Kharge—travelled the nation as its face, sporting a scruffy salt-and-pepper stubble and close-cropped black hair.

Rahul Verma, a political analyst at the Centre for Policy Research think tank in New Delhi, stated, “I think Rahul Gandhi will get credit, not just for mobilisation, for his marches, but also for continuously clarifying the Congress’s ideological pitch against the BJP.”
He declared, “If ever there was a time when Gandhi truly emerged, it is now.”

Gandhi said his alliance’s performance was the “first step” in preventing Modi from trying to modify the country’s constitution during a news conference on Tuesday. Gandhi had been referring to a pocket-sized, red-jacketed copy of the constitution throughout the campaign.

A two-thirds majority in parliament is needed to change the constitution.

educated at Cambridge Gandhi has stated repeatedly that he is fighting Modi’s BJP not merely for power but also to destroy the Hindu-first mentality of the party and its parent Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which is in opposition to India’s secular principles as stated in the constitution.

“I oppose the BJP and RSS ideologies, which pose a threat to our nation. I struggle against the violence and hatred these individuals propagate. “For me, this is the fight of my life,” he declared two years ago at a party.

BJP denies these accusations.

A member of parliament since 2004, Rahul Gandhi’s attendance has been far below average. His frequent absences from the chamber, and the country, have been the focus of the media and drawn BJP accusations that he does not take politics seriously.

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