PTI Founder’s Twitter Account Being Run from US

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Hasan stated that PTI founder Imran Khan is incarcerated and is unable to upload films on X on his own during an appearance on the ARY News show “Off the Record.” The party’s accounts are managed by the PTI social media team, which is based in the United States (US), he continued.

Imran Khan was not aware of the Sheikh Mujibur Rahman video, the PTI spokeswoman stated, adding party assembly members might have shared the video in their “personal capacity.” He added that a party investigation into the video problem will be carried out.

Due to “personal engagements,” Raoof Hasan stated that he had not seen the video.

He went on to say that the video will be edited if it contradicts the party’s narrative. Hasan said that they will assist any agency wishing to look into the situation to the fullest extent possible.

The PTI leader went on to say that the party does not control digital media and that the founder of the party has not used his official X handle since his incarceration.

According to the spokesperson, Imran Khan had already decided on the X handle, but it had not been put into action. The people running the party’s social media accounts are not party employees.

He declared that a mechanism will be implemented to guarantee that the X handle is used with the appropriate clearance going forward.

The spokesperson also quoted Imran Khan as saying he still believes the Pakistan Army is more important for the country than him.

The announcement followed a letter from the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cybercrime Cell to the authorities requesting access to PTI founder Imran Khan, who is currently detained, in order to investigate a ‘controversial’ tweet from his X handle.

The letter’s content claimed that the Pakistan Army in particular was the focus of anti-state propaganda that was posted on the PTI founder’s official social media accounts.

The May 26 film was intended to misrepresent the truth, incite disobedience among soldiers and officers, and cause instability among state institutions.

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The PICA Act of 2016 is clearly broken in this video, according to the FIA Cybercrime Cell, which is requesting access to the PTI founder’s cell to do additional investigation.

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