Prohibited Groups Barred from Collecting Animal Hide Donations

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Important directives from the Punjab Home Department prohibit outlawed organizations from gathering animal hides intended as sacrifices.

Only organizations that are registered with the Charity Commission will be eligible to receive the animal hides that are being offered as sacrifices, the spokeswoman stated. Burning the head and trotters of sacrificed animals in public spaces shall be prohibited by Section 144.

During the Eid holidays, boating and swimming in rivers, streams, and dams will be prohibited per Section 144. It is strictly forbidden to dispose of animal carcasses in manholes, drainage systems, or canals.

In order to avoid harm or fatalities, the spokesman added that installing mechanical rides would be prohibited.

The department has overseen the implementation of extra security measures in madrasas, mosques, and eidgahs throughout the province. The government has been instructed to make sure that no commission or extortion is charged in the cattle markets, and instructions have been given to maintain the best security measures in all of the livestock markets.

The Home Department has issued an order prohibiting the establishment of any illicit cattle markets in Punjab. It is imperative to guarantee the requisite security protocols for the entrance of tourists and traffic management in Murree and its environs.

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In order to make sure that everything is ready for Eid, the commissioners and deputy commissioners are also instructed to work with the police and other relevant agencies.

According to sources who spoke with ARY News, Eidul Adha is anticipated to occur on Monday, June 17, although the precise date will be revealed following a sighting of the Zilhajj moon.

The MET office states that if the month of Zilqad in Pakistan is 29 days long, then the month of Zilhajj would start on June 8 and Eid Adha 2024 will be observed on June 17 at the same time.

In the second scenario, the month of Zilhajj will start on June 9 and Eid will fall on June 18 if the month of Zilqad extends to 30 days.

The Muslim faithful celebrate two Eid celebrations, Eidul Adha and the Feast of Sacrifice, to remember Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to offer his son as a sacrifice to God. commemorated customarily by the killing of animals, the flesh of which is distributed to the underprivileged and family members.

Throughout the three days of Eid, the devout slay their sacrificed animals in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s custom.

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