Prime Minister Kakar Emphasizes Legal Channels for Addressing Electoral Irregularities

News Desk2 months ago

The recently held General Elections 2024, according to a statement made by PM Kakar on X (previously known as Twitter), are a step in the right direction toward advancing democracy.

He noted that there has been worldwide recognition of the “significant” participation from all societal groups, including both genders. PM Kakar continued, “It is crucial that all parties understand that winning and losing are natural parts of the democratic process after elections.”

He said that Pakistan’s executive, judicial, and legislative departments are strong and prepared to provide everyone with fair justice.

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According to PM Kakar, while nonviolent protest and demonstration are basic rights, any kind of violence would not be accepted. He stated that it is impossible to ignore agitation or instigation to vigilantism.

“At this critical juncture, chaos and anarchy will not be permitted, and law and order will proceed without hesitation. PM Kakar said, “This (violence) just serves to advance the agenda for hostile forces, both domestic and foreign, to exploit and create grave challenges to law and order.”

In line with democratic traditions and conventions, he added, political parties are consulting to form governments at the federal and provincial levels, and the caretaker administration is pleading for patience throughout this process. “The caretaker government aspires for an expeditious and respectful conclusion to this process,” PM Kakar continued.


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