PPP Agrees to Support Government’s Budget in National Assembly

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According to sources, the PPP would support the budget despite expressing concerns about it.

The party’s leaders had earlier declared that they had not yet decided whether to support or oppose the federal budget that the administration will be announcing today.
According to sources, the issues involving two linked parties have been resolved at the highest levels of leadership.

The People’s Party would provide the PML-N its utmost support in order for them to approve the budget. According to insiders, “the PPP will support passage of the budget despite protest and speeches in the parliament.”

Sources claim that the administration has promised to include some of the PPP’s recommendations in the budget. In exchange for a quo, the PPP leadership has promised to support the PML-N budget.

Nayya Bukhari, the leader of the PPP, had earlier stated that the party has not yet decided whether to approve or reject the budget.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met on Tuesday to talk about the country’s general economic status as well as the impending annual budget for 2024–25.

According to a news statement from the President’s House, Professor Ahsan Iqbal, the federal minister for planning and special initiatives, was also present during the meeting.

President Zardari emphasized that the annual budget should safeguard the interests of the middle class and low-income people. Additionally, he gave the prime minister his word that he would support both the accomplishment of fiscal goals and national growth.

President Zardari and PM Shehbaz also discussed the development projects that will be included in the upcoming budget. The president was informed by the prime minister about his recent five-day visit to China.

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On June 12 (today), the federal government is scheduled to unveil the budget for the fiscal year 2024–25.

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