Pharmaceutical Companies Accelerate Tetanus Vaccine Production and Distribution

News Desk2 weeks ago

Over 20,000 tetanus injection supplies have reached the distributors, and 70,000 vials of tetanus will arrive in Karachi in a few days, according to Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir.

According to the Health Minister, 150,000 dosages are being evaluated at NCBL right now. The scarcity of tetanus shots and vials will be fully remedied after the report is made public.

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It is important to note that Punjab Health Minister Salman Rafique brought attention to the problem of anti-tetanus shots not being available in Punjabi markets, including Lahore, the day before.

Salman Rafique praised ARY News for highlighting the significant issue and demanded a report from the injection firm.

The recommended immunization schedule for adults and children includes the tetanus vaccine. It offers defense against the bacterial tetanus illness, commonly referred to as lockjaw. Jaw cramps and excruciating muscle spasms are symptoms of tetanus. 10% to 20% of those who have it pass away, and there is no known cure.

Government and private hospitals are facing a shortage of anti-tetanus injections. Pharmacies across the city are experiencing a scarcity of anti-tetanus injections, leaving many with limited access to crucial medical treatment.

The Pharma manufacturers have cited production suspension by the international company, as a reason behind the shortage.

The scarcity of anti-tetanus injections has resulted in severe difficulties for those injured in accidents, as timely administration of the injection is imperative to prevent wound infection. Medical experts emphasize that the injection must be administered within 72 hours of the injury to effectively ward off potential bacterial infections.

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