Pakistan’s 20 Top Wicket Takers in ODIs

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Pakistan's Top Wicket-Takers in ODIs

1. Wasim Akram

  • Matches: 356
  • Wickets: 502
  • Best Bowling: 5/15
  • Economy: 3.89
  • Description: Wasim Akram, known for his lethal swing and searing pace, remains one of cricket’s all-time greats. His ability to swing the ball both ways at high speed made him a nightmare for batsmen worldwide. Akram’s skillful variations and aggressive approach made him a match-winner.

2. Waqar Younis

  • Matches: 262
  • Wickets: 416
  • Best Bowling: 7/36
  • Economy: 4.68
  • Description: Waqar Younis, renowned for his lethal yorkers and reverse swing, was a terror for batsmen during his prime. His ability to extract late swing and his searing pace made him one of the most feared bowlers in the cricketing world.

3. Shahid Afridi

  • Matches: 393
  • Wickets: 393
  • Best Bowling: 7/12
  • Economy: 4.62
  • Description: Shahid Afridi, famously known as “Boom Boom Afridi,” was a dynamic leg-spinner and a hard-hitting batsman. His bowling was marked by aggressive googlies and flippers that often bewildered batsmen. Afridi was an asset for Pakistan cricket with his all-round skills.

4. Saqlain Mushtaq

  • Matches: 169
  • Wickets: 288
  • Best Bowling: 5/20
  • Economy: 4.29
  • Description: Saqlain Mushtaq, credited with inventing the “doosra,” was a master of spin bowling. His variations and deception with the ball made him a formidable force. Saqlain’s impact on Pakistan’s cricket and his contributions to spin bowling are noteworthy.

5. Abdul Razzaq

  • Matches: 261
  • Wickets: 268
  • Best Bowling: 6/35
  • Economy: 4.67
  • Description: Abdul Razzaq, an exceptional all-rounder, was known for his brisk seam bowling and explosive batting. His ability to swing the ball both ways and deliver crucial breakthroughs made him an integral part of Pakistan’s ODI squad.

6. Shoaib Akhtar

  • Matches: 158
  • Wickets: 241
  • Best Bowling: 6/16
  • Economy: 4.75
  • Description: Shoaib Akhtar, known as the “Rawalpindi Express,” was among the fastest bowlers in cricket history. His searing pace and aggressive approach made him a fearsome bowler. Akhtar’s toe-crushing yorkers and express speed were his trademarks.

7. Saeed Ajmal

  • Matches: 113
  • Wickets: 184
  • Best Bowling: 5/24
  • Economy: 4.18
  • Description: Saeed Ajmal, a crafty off-spinner, was known for his variety of deliveries, especially the teesra. His impeccable control and ability to outfox batsmen with his doosra and off-spin made him a major threat.

8. Imran Khan

  • Matches: 175
  • Wickets: 182
  • Best Bowling: 6/14
  • Economy: 3.89
  • Description: Imran Khan, known for his disciplined line and length, was a genuine wicket-taker. His seam bowling, complemented by accuracy, was instrumental in Pakistan’s victories during his cricketing tenure.

9. Aaqib Javed

  • Matches: 163
  • Wickets: 182
  • Best Bowling: 7/37
  • Economy: 4.28
  • Description: Aaqib Javed, an adept fast-medium bowler, was known for his swing and deceptive variations. His ability to extract movement off the pitch made him a valuable asset to Pakistan’s bowling attack.

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10. Umar Gul

  • Matches: 130
  • Wickets: 179
  • Best Bowling: 6/42
  • Economy: 5.19
  • Description: Umar Gul, a skilled fast bowler, was known for his ability to generate late swing and bowl pinpoint yorkers. His variations and ability to strike crucial blows made him a dependable wicket-taker.

11. Mushtaq Ahmed

  • Matches: 144
  • Wickets: 161
  • Best Bowling: 5/36
  • Economy: 4.26
  • Description: Mushtaq Ahmed, a talented leg-spinner, was known for his googlies and well-disguised variations. His ability to spin the ball sharply troubled batsmen, and he played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s bowling department.

12. Shoaib Malik

  • Matches: 287
  • Wickets: 158
  • Best Bowling: 4/19
  • Economy: 4.66
  • Description: Shoaib Malik, a proficient all-rounder, contributed as a handy off-spinner. His controlled bowling and ability to break partnerships with timely wickets were commendable throughout his ODI career.

13. Mohammad Hafeez

  • Matches: 218
  • Wickets: 139
  • Best Bowling: 4/41
  • Economy: 4.18
  • Description: Mohammad Hafeez, an all-rounder known for his off-spin, used his variations and subtle changes in pace to trouble batsmen. His bowling often provided breakthroughs crucial for Pakistan’s success.

14. Abdul Qadir

  • Matches: 104
  • Wickets: 132
  • Best Bowling: 5/44
  • Economy: 4.06
  • Description: Abdul Qadir, a legendary leg-spinner, was a pioneer in Pakistan cricket. His exceptional control, along with his wrist-spin variations, made him a lethal bowler and an icon in the cricketing world.

15. Azhar Mahmood

  • Matches: 143
  • Wickets: 123
  • Best Bowling: 6/18
  • Economy: 4.62
  • Description: Azhar Mahmood, a proficient medium-pacer, was known for his swing and subtle variations. His ability to pick crucial wickets, especially in the middle overs, added depth to Pakistan’s bowling attack.

16. Mohammad Sami

  • Matches: 87
  • Wickets: 121
  • Best Bowling: 5/10
  • Economy: 4.99
  • Description: Mohammad Sami, a quick bowler with an impressive bouncer, possessed raw pace. His aggressive style and ability to generate bounce made him a threat to batsmen, especially on lively pitches.

17. Wahab Riaz

  • Matches: 91
  • Wickets: 120
  • Best Bowling: 5/46
  • Economy: 5.70
  • Description: Wahab Riaz, a left-arm pacer, was known for his express pace and fiery spells. His aggressive bowling and ability to generate reverse swing in the death overs made him a match-winner.

18. Mudassar Nazar

  • Matches: 122
  • Wickets: 111
  • Best Bowling: 5/28
  • Economy: 4.24
  • Description: Mudassar Nazar, a medium-pace bowler, relied on accuracy and variations. His consistent line and length allowed him to chip away at opposition batting line-ups.

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19. Junaid Khan

  • Matches: 76
  • Wickets: 110
  • Best Bowling: 4/12
  • Economy: 5.35
  • Description: Junaid Khan, a left-arm pacer, relied on swing and seam movement. His ability to move the ball both ways troubled batsmen, making him an effective wicket-taking option.

20. Naved-ul-Hasan

  • Matches: 74
  • Wickets: 110
  • Best Bowling: 6/27
  • Economy: 5.57
  • Description: Naved-ul-Hasan, a medium-pace bowler with swing, consistently troubled batsmen. His ability to extract movement off the pitch made him a valuable asset in Pakistan’s bowling line-up.

These bowlers have left an indelible mark on Pakistan’s cricket history, contributing significantly to the country’s success in ODIs.

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