Pakistani Businessmen Can Apply for Long-Term German Visas

News Desk3 weeks ago

Rüdiger Lotz gave the FPCCI president, Atif Ikram Shaikh, assurances that the Pakistani business community would receive priority for business visas during his visit to the organization’s headquarters in Karachi.

FPCCI Senior Vice President Saqib Fayyaz Magu outlined the main areas of cooperation—startups, R&D, women’s empowerment, vocational training, and business tourism—in a high-level, interactive session with the German travel industry.

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The selection of Mahin Khan, a senior member of the FPCCI, as the German Consulate’s Trade and Investment Focal Person for the Sindh and Balochistan region was welcomed by Magu.

After confirming their documentation, Magu asked the German Consulate to grant business community members long-term visas.

Lotz pointed out that German businesses, who have been active in Pakistan and the surrounding area for more than a century, view Pakistan as a significant market.

He made note of the fact that in recent years, Pakistani applicants for German visas had risen in number.

The head of the German delegation, Andreas Wegner, stressed the need of teamwork in advancing bilateral trade, investment, joint ventures, industrial collaboration, and other economic ties.

He highlighted Pakistan’s significant geo-economic position at the intersection of South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

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