Pakistan vs Iran: The Untold Truth

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Pakistan vs Iran: The Untold Truth

Iran’s Attack and Pakistan’s Retaliation

Iran attacked Pakistan and Pakistan gave a firm response. What was the reason that Iran had to take such a big step for the neighbor from where it never had to face any difficulty? How is the geopolitics of this region going to be shaped? And how is the international forces looking at this incident? Let’s try to find out in this article.

  • Another round of strikes this time targeting Pakistan.
  • Targeting militants of Pakistani origin.
  • Pakistan blaming Iran for “unprovoked attack on its territory.”
  • Pakistan launching air strikes just over its border into Iran.

How concerned do we need to be about two countries that don’t usually engage in strikes like this?

Iran’s Attack

The recent attack on Pakistan is Iran’s third attack on a sovereign country this week. The first attack was in Iraq, where Iran said it had targeted two Mossad agents. The second attack was in Syria, against the proxies that are fighting Bashar al-Assad. And since Iran is supporting Syria, they attacked the proxies. The third attack from Iran was in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, in district Panjgur’s area known as Broom and Koh-e-Sabz where rockets were fired and 2 kids were killed.

Events that lead to Iran Attack

On 15th December, an attack is launched in Sistan, Balochistan. 11 police officers of Iran are killed. Iran wanted to retaliate, there are already war crimes in the region. There is already a war going on in many places. Gaza and Israel’s situation is the same since 5th October. When the Houthis attacked the cargo ships, the US and UK also entered near the Saudi border. And they are striking the Houthis in Yemen. Here Iran felt a little left out and to show their superiority, that I am also something and if no one comes to me, then I will attack Iraq, Syria and this time Pakistan thinking they are already hungry and naked, so they shoot a few rockets in Pakistan as well thinking what can they do?

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Iran’s Mistake

They took Pakistan lightly. And, it didn’t take long for Pakistan to retaliate. Some thought was taken about this. We will share the details with you. IRGC, which is called the Revolutionary Guards which is like the establishment of Iran. They miscalculated and thought that if they attack Pakistan, then we will not get retaliation from there. And, we will get a name in the region.

India’s Response

On 17th January, the day Iran attacks Pakistan, India’s Foreign Minister Jai Shankar happens to be in Tehran and his statement is that India understands actions taken in self-defense. If they do not openly support it, but somehow they pushed Iran that whatever they did was right.

Pakistan’s Retaliation

Iran did not provide any evidence to target the outfit of Jaish-e-Adl that how many terrorists they have killed or what they have done Although Jaish-e-Adl is closer to Afghanistan and they have many hideouts in Afghanistan but Iran did not attack there and released a statement in Pakistan without any evidence In response to this, Pakistan gave a proof of being a responsible state. There was a lot of pressure, there was a lot of tweets on twitter that the Pakistan air force should attack from here, but a responsible state never takes a hasty decision.

Pakistan first used soft power tools to stop the barter trade, and did not let the Iranian ambassadors who were already out of the country come back, and called back their embassy in Pakistan. The military intelligence, the military institutions were involved in this, meetings were being conducted, intelligence was being gathered that this has to be answered because Pakistan is the 7th largest army in the world and the 5th most atomic power in the world and any atomic power, whenever anyone wants to go and launch a rocket like this, it is a joke, your joke is made in the world, we also have to face the world, we have to answer to the world. Even though we don’t have money in our pockets, the world has a global standing.

The world makes decisions according to us, so it was necessary for us to answer to it. So first of all, on-ground intelligence was placed. Because whenever an attack is made, you have to make sure that your footprint is there who can capture these incidents, can take footage so that you can show the world. Otherwise, in the past, the world has claimed that we have dropped the Pakistan F-16, which was never involved in the said operation, So that is why you need on-ground intelligence.

In three different locations where the members of the BLA and BLF separatist movement were hiding, Shamsar, Hank and Saravan, there were multiple attacks, attacks MLRS multiple launch rocket system killer drone and loitering munitions and along with this 7 different attacks were carried out and as soon as the attacks happened the hideouts and the people who were attacked, their pictures were taken and they were published which is readily available on the internet which is the proof of Pakistan that they attacked and achieved the target unlike Iran which dropped a random rocket killed the girls and did not provide any evidence.

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Understanding the Nature Iran vs Pakistan

Now, it is important to know that this is not a Sunni-Shia war These are two states, two countries’ wars The country has no religion nor any ideology When Pakistan and India fought, it was not a Muslim-Hindu war because more Muslims than Pakistan are in India than in Pakistan This is a state war So please don’t give it any political meaning And the Shia community in Pakistan They love Pakistan as much as any other Pakistani does So please don’t make it a political issue.

Now what happened is that Iran attacked Pakistan attacked later The score was 1-1 Both came to the equal table Now the discussion will be what to do because it is not possible that there is an attack from one side And you sit quietly and keep getting abused by people on Twitter and then your head is down. So, no matter how weak the country is, you have to talk eye to eye. If you want to maintain your position in the world, you have to level the score. The revolution, i.e. IRGC’s huge miscalculated effort, caused Iran to face global embarrassment.

Post Attack Scenario

After the 1988 Iran-Iraq war, it is the first time that an attack has been carried out inside Iran. But the matter eventually comes to the table top. Iran is now on this border from where it was very peaceful before. Now maybe they have to put up an army. Pakistan, which is already a victim of a hostile environment from both sides, a victim of hostile neighbors, Pakistan cannot afford a third border. But it was necessary to give a message to those two borders that if any kind of misadventure is attempted from your side, then you will also be answered in the same way.

This was very important for Pakistan. Iran is already a victim of long term sanctions. Pakistan is also going through a political and economic turmoil. Both sides cannot afford to fight. But just because they cannot afford it, doesn’t mean that they are incapable of responding. If one slap comes from the front, then another slap will come from the other side.

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