Pakistan Budget 2024-25: SUPARCO Allocation Set at Rs 65.6 Billion

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Sources claim that in addition to the Rs 4.18 billion suggested for the building of the Pakistan Space Center, a new project will also be included in the next budget.

Additionally, the government has suggested funding Rs 248 million for the feasibility and system definition research of PakSat-2 and Rs 59.18 billion for the Pakistan Satellite System (PakSat-1).

Furthermore, reports stated that Rs 1.35 billion has been set aside for the Pakistan Optical Remote Sensing Satellite (PRSS-1).

Earlier, the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China successfully launched Pakistan’s multi-mission communication satellite, PAKSAT-MM1.

After being positioned 36,000 kilometers above the surface of the planet, the PAKSAT-MM1 will take three to four days to enter its orbit.

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Previous to this, on May 3, China’s Chang’E6 launched Pakistan’s historic lunar mission (ICUBE-Q) from Hainan, China. The iCube-Qamar satellite mission-initiated Pakistan’s initial lunar exploration endeavor, signifying a noteworthy turning point in the nation’s space pursuits. The Institute of Space Technology (IST) in Islamabad’s Electrical Engineering Department created the satellite, which weighs roughly 7 kg.

Originally slated to be delivered on June 10, the budget 2024–25 is most likely going to be presented on June 12.

According to the sources, the council will convene on June 10 and then on June 11 to give the Pakistan Economic Survey 2023–24.

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