NOC Compulsory for Collecting Hides of Sacrificial Animals on Eidul Adha

News Desk2 weeks ago

A representative for the district administration claimed that the Punjab government had mandated that humanitarian organizations and other parties obtain prior consent before collecting animal hides used as sacrifices.

He told me that the district administration had received instructions to carry out the plan concerning the gathering of hides from sacrificed animals on Eid ul Azha with rigorous adherence.

The administration issued a warning, saying that anyone discovered to be disobeying official directives will face legal repercussions.

According to the statement, gathering the animal hides for sacrifice without prior authorization would be considered a criminal violation and would be prosecuted sternly under the law.

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It has been decided that no one will be permitted to gather skins without the administration’s approval. He also said that elements of the prohibited groups and those connected to them will be monitored.


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