NEPRA: No Loadshedding Allowed During Exam Hours

News Desk2 weeks ago

According to a statement released here, the DISCOs and K-Electric were instructed to take all necessary steps to comply with this direction, giving the orderly administration of exams and the students’ well-being top priority.

If this directive is not followed, there could be more regulatory action.

It went on, “It is crucial that electricity users have an uninterrupted power supply, with a focus on making sure there is no load shedding during exam sessions.”

Distribution firms have been implementing load shedding during test sessions, NEPRA said, and this has been brought to their attention through a variety of sources, including print and electronic media.

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According to the statement, this practice has seriously disrupted students taking tests, especially when their exam papers are being completed.

While DISCOs are required to provide continuous electricity to qualified customers, it is more crucial to understand how crucial it is to have a power supply during exam periods since any disruption can negatively impact students’ performance and ability to concentrate, which in turn affects their academic success.

Power load shedding was reported to have happened in a number of testing locations earlier in the day during the yearly exams for classes 9 and 10 administered by the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK).

Despite the heat, reports from different sections of Karachi state that students are having trouble with power outages.

At Jacob Line’s Government Girls Secondary Campus School, there was an electrical problem. On the fourth day, the officials still hadn’t solved the problem.

The test question papers had to be solved by the pupils in sweltering heat.

Due to sweating the exam copies of the student could be damaged and ultimately the performance of the students will also be affected.

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