New Punjab Assembly Begins with Historic Session

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The Punjab Assembly’s doors swung open for a historic moment as its first session commenced on Friday. This marks the beginning of the new government’s journey following the recent general elections held on February 8. With Speaker Sibtain Khan leading the proceedings, the assembly gathered to swear in the newly elected Members of the Provincial Assembly (MPAs), setting the stage for what promises to be an eventful political chapter.

PML-N Puts Forward Maryam Nawaz for Chief Ministership

In a groundbreaking move, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has nominated Maryam Nawaz as its candidate for the chief minister’s position in Punjab. If successful, Maryam Nawaz will make history as the first female chief minister in Pakistan—a momentous step towards gender equality and representation in leadership roles.

PML-N’s Bid for Government Formation

Despite facing challenges from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-backed independent candidates disputing election results in various Punjab constituencies, the PML-N stands firm in its belief that it has enough support to form the government. To secure its position, the party aims to gain backing from 186 MPAs, a goal it is actively working towards.

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After securing 137 seats in the assembly from the February 8 elections, the PML-N’s tally rose to 178 with the allocation of 36 reserved seats for women and five for minorities on Friday. The party remains confident, claiming support from over 190 MPAs, strengthening its resolve to lead Punjab’s government.

Speaker’s Call for Fair Play

Speaker of Punjab Assembly Sibtain Khan stressed the importance of fair play in the political arena, expressing concern over reported obstacles faced by PTI-backed independent candidates. Khan emphasized the need for transparent electoral practices and vowed to ensure that all lawmakers have equal access to the assembly, echoing the essence of democracy.

In his address to the assembly, Speaker Khan declared, “I am here to ensure that no one hinders the voices of the people from being heard.” He pledged to investigate any incidents of lawmakers being barred from entering the premises, highlighting the assembly’s commitment to upholding democratic values.

Focus on Swearing-In Ceremony

Amidst the backdrop of political tensions, the primary focus of the day’s assembly session is the swearing-in ceremony for the nine designated lawmakers. With a commitment to a smooth transition of power, the assembly aims to uphold democratic principles and lay the groundwork for effective governance in Punjab.

As the new Punjab Assembly embarks on its journey, the political landscape brims with anticipation and possibility. With Maryam Nawaz’s historic nomination and ongoing efforts towards government formation, the assembly stands poised to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, shaping the course of Punjab’s future with each step it takes.

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