Nawaz Sharif: PTI Founder Imran Khan is the Major Obstacle to Successful Negotiations

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According to sources, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz senators inquired about the party’s position on communication with the PTI.

Nawaz responded, “How could anyone hold talks with them when they are not serious?”
Nawaz Sharif claimed, “Those who were taunting us have destroyed democracy,” in a conversation with PML-N senators.

The former prime minister remarked, “I have called him at his house to offer him to work together.” “I’m going to put Nawaz Sharif in jail and take away his AC. You’re in jail now, I didn’t even pay attention to it,” Nawaz declared. The PML-N chief stated, “I have no problem if you get two ACs instead of one.”

He stated that even if the PPP and the PML-N work together to create a government, he always acts like a distant relative.

“I was rewarded with a jail sentence for conducting nuclear tests,” declared Nawaz Sharif. Sharif declared, “Musharraf has not existed in the world, and I hold no ill will against him.”

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“Those who referred to metro buses as jangla buses ruined the nation.” Nawaz Sharif stated, “We bid the IMF farewell, and they brought it back again.

“Shehbaz Sharif should supply cheaper electricity, I will advise. The PML-N leader stated, “Maryam Nawaz has contributed to containing the price increase. I will advise her to use Punjab’s funds to support its citizens.”

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