Narcotics Force (ANF) Seizes Huge Drug Haul in Pasni

News Desk3 weeks ago

In the Chor Bandar neighborhood near the Makran shore, ANF agents carried out an Intelligence-Based Operation (IBO) against drug dealers. They also found and confiscated a shipment of cocaine that were intended for smuggling overseas.

The operation was conducted with consideration for the actions of a drug trafficking organization. Raids are being carried out with the aim of apprehending Liaqat and Wahid Baloch, the leaders of the drug trafficking organization.

Members of the group smuggle drugs overseas across the sea. He said that the ANF team carried out a raid in the area after obtaining the intelligence information and retrieved the drugs, which were kept in a covert position.

Over a metric ton of drugs and 51,000 narcotic capsules were also found during the raid. Among the 1014 kg of drugs that were recovered were 164 kg of ice and 850 kg of hashish.

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According to the spokeswoman, ANF is working tirelessly to create a society free of drugs.

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