NAB Strengthens its Approach with Enhanced SOPs to Counter Unsubstantiated Allegations

News Desk2 weeks ago

Information about a meeting between NAB Chairman and Speaker Ayaz Sadiq of the National Assembly (NA) surfaced, revealing the new SOPs for NAB from the parliamentary body.

These SOPs were communicated to the NAB Chairman by Speaker Ayaz Sadiq, demonstrating a cooperative effort to guarantee justice and openness in NAB procedures.

According to sources, Speaker Ayaz Sadiq’s office is prepared to handle allegations against any member and NAB has requested his help in formalizing these SOPs.

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In addition, it has been revealed that the Senate Chairman would be contacted in situations involving senators, reiterating a pledge to treat everyone equally regardless of party affiliation.

Notably, the SOPs describe tight precautions that include limitations on NAB officers’ dealings with the public and media, as well as a ban on arresting Members of Parliament during inquiries.

Infractions of these directions carry a maximum sentence of one year in prison and fines of Rs. one million for the offending officer.


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