Most Hazardous Cities Across the African Continent

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Africa is a stunning continent with fantastic beaches, incredible animals, and incredible history. Although many people’s vacation bucket lists include Africa, the region does battle with the rising problem of crime. There are many things to be wary about, such as the ongoing danger of terrorism and the existence of thieves and gangs.

Pretoria, South Africa

Police crackdown on crime in areas north of Pretoria during load shedding

The rate of crime in the city has increased by 85.82% in the last few years. People in Pretoria fear that their possessions would be taken and their houses will be broken into. The city has been plagued by attacks, car theft, graffiti, and muggings. Pretoria is likewise riddled with corruption. For example, the chief magistrate of Pretoria faced corruption charges in 2022. Landing the number one spot of Africa’s most dangerous cities is Pretoria, with a Crime Index score of 81.8.

Durban, South Africa

Seashore and landscape with buildings and beach in Durban, South Africa ...

In Durban, drug-related violence, looting, rape, murder, theft, home invasions, and kidnappings are commonplace. While there are certain areas of Durban that are quite safe for visitors, most of them should be avoided.

Another South African city, Durban, comes in at number two. The metropolis has developed into a hub for crimes like smash and grabs. With a Crime Index score of 80.9, it is ranked as the second most dangerous city in Africa.

Johannesburg, South Africa

8 Things to Do in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Once upon a time, travelers from all over the world came to Johannesburg. With a Crime Index score of 80.7 right now, a large number of its own citizens are moving out.
Johannesburg is rife with crime. In what was once the most famous city in South Africa, regular crimes include carjackings, rapes, break-ins, and minor crimes. Hillbrow, the heart of Johannesburg, has turned into a refuge for crooks, who often take over entire buildings.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Port Elizabeth travel | South Africa - Lonely Planet

Port Elizabeth, in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, ranks seventh among the continent’s most dangerous cities with a Crime Index score of 76.5.
In this seaside city, violent crime, gang strife, vandalism, theft, carjackings, kidnappings, and drug-related violence are all too common.

With a Crime Index score of 76.5, Port Elizabeth in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province lands itself on this list of Africa’s most dangerous cities.

Cape Town, South Africa

The investment appeal of South Africa

Due to gang and drug-related violence, Cape Town has historically ranked first in Africa for the number of killings committed annually. This lovely city is unfortunately plagued by a high rate of street crime, which includes theft and con games.
Cape Town is a city of extreme contrasts, well-known for its breathtaking beauty. With a Crime Index score of 73.7, Cape Town is the first of five South African towns to rank in the top five most dangerous cities in Africa.

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